Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Integrated Children's Playground Installed at Taman Wawasan

A new integrated children's playground equipment was installed at Taman Wawasan a few days ago. This is because of the increasing number of children visiting this taman from Pusat Bandar Puchong, Bandar Puteri Puchong and nearby residential areas.

Through the close collaboration and good relations between JKP 16 and the Landscape department of MPSJ, this integrated children playground is being realised in Taman Wawasan.

Thank you to JKP 16 and Landscape department of MPSJ!

More pictures to come....

Why road hump is not installed at downhill stretch of Jalan Serindit-Persiaran Wawasan link?

JKP 16 were aware of the steep downhill gradient stretch towards Jalan Serindit 1. Additionally, vehicles negotiating the sharp corner turning into Jalan Serindit 1 have to be extra careful because of oncoming traffic.

Because it was dangerous while driving steep downhill gradient towards Jalan Serindit 1, JKP 16 had proposed to MPSJ by installing a speed breaker i.e. road hump. The intention was to encourage vehicles to slow down before negotiating the sharp corner.

MPSJ dispatched its engineering department staff to the site for feasibility study. After much study, the MPSJ engineers reported that it would be more dangerous installing a road hump. This is because on a steep downhill gradient, cars may overturn if they brake suddenly at the road hump. And the overturn cars may end up across the metal railing onto the drain!

JKP 16 agree with the MPSJ engineers' findings about the drawback of installing a road hump at the downhill stretch. As an alternative, MPSJ has painted more thermoplastic yellow lines at the sharp cornering.

Before (13 August 2008): Pictures below.

After - MPSJ has drawn addtional thermoplastic yellow lines towards the sharp corner (18 Nov 2008). Pictures below.

JKP 16 would like to remind drivers to drive slowly and carefully at all times since the thermoplastic yellow lines are painted at the downhill strecth.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lampu Jalan Dipasang - Jalan Sambungan Persiaran Wawasan-Jalan Serindit 1

Akhirnya lampu jalan yang bersinar menjadikan sekitar jalan sambungan Persiaran Wawasan-Jalan Serindit 1 terang benderang. Dengan pemasangan lampu jalan ini, pemandu kenderaan, penunggang motosikal dan orang yang berjalan kaki pasti akan berasa lebih selamat apabila mengguna jalan ini pada waktu malam.

Tiang Lampu Jalan Mula Dipasangkan pada hari 8 Nov 2008. Gambar berikutnya di bawah:

Pada 22 Nov 2008 petang, lampu dan wayar elektrik telah dipasang atas tiang. Gambar berikutnya:

Saudara saudari sekalian, gambar berikutnya menunjukkan lampu jalan bersinar pada waktu malam. Ia diambil pada 22 Nov jam 8:52 malam di dalam kereta:

Dengan adanya lampu jalan yang terang benderang, diharap pengguna jalan sambungan ini dapat berasa lebih selamat pada waktu malam. JKP Zon 16 ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada MPSJ khasnya Jabatan Kejuruteraan dan Elektrik kerana banyak menolong di dalam kes ini.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Learning how to fish!

Most of us are familiar with the phrase "give a person a fish, he will live for a day, but teach him to fish, he will live for the rest of his life!"

This is basically the motto or slogan that our zone 16 has adopted and thus even on our t-shirts this sentiment is expressed clearly, "our community, our responsibility!"

Since I have assumed being the councilor of MPSJ almost 5 months ago, and delegated to be in charged of zone 16 which covers Pusat Bandar Puchong and Bandar Puteri, we have established a multiracial Jawatan Kuasa Penduduk (JKP) which have dedicatedly and committedly given their time, energies and resources towards the improvement of their community.

Many residents association and community leaders have also began to take on the task of developing their respective communities by learning "how to fish". I suppose this task was never really inculcated among the residents because in the past, political party representatives would probably do most of these tasks for the people.

However, it is proven over and over again in history and contemporary social development approaches that this "dole out or welfare" approach has never really sustained development.

Ironically, this approach of involving the stakeholders in development and improving the communities is no alien concept because MPSJ and other local councils in the whole of Malaysia have in fact adopted the development concept of Local Agenda 21 (LA 21) since some years ago.

This initiative was in fact a very hands on approach to engage stakeholders (the residents themselves) in the development of their own communities. However sad to say some majlis have translated this apporach to merely conducting activities such as gotong royong, planting tress, and doing some social activities in the communities.

But the essence of LA 21 is not just doing activities with the community but actually involving them in debating, discussing and finally implementing community improvement initiatives. This entails handling budgets, brainstorming ideas, and also having close cooperation with the different departments of the MPSJ.

I know there are still residents out there in our zone who still expect everything to be done for them, and if the councilor or the JKP members do not fulfill this expectation, they will write us off as not having performed our duties! Unfortunately this is a very short sighted view and needs to be changed.

Of course there are those within our zone who are constantly seizing the opportunity to further their own interests (either political, monetary or just for the sake of asserting their power) by criticising and putting down the efforts of the newly installed JKP and of course I as the new councilor.

But I believe we should not be too preoccupied with defending ourselves by hastily calling for press conferences or circulating counter arguments towards these charges. Ultimately our role is to intensively organise our community and develop a critical mass of people who are genuine and sincere in wanting to "learn how to fish", and not expecting others to "give them a fish".

So at the end of the day if we have shortcomings, let us learn and improve ourselves, however if we are attacked with false and malicious accusations, let us take it like "water off the duck's back". The truth will reveal itself because good changes are indeed happening as more and more people in zone 16 "learn how to fish!"

Tan Jo Hann, Councilor Zone 16

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Speed Deterrent : Jalan Serindit 1-Persiaran Wawasan New Link

The Pusat Bandar Puchong RA brought to JKP 16's attention of vehicle speeding while coming out from the new link approaching Persiaran Wawasan. This is because Persiaran Wawasan is a fairly straight and wide road with downhill gradient. This posed a danger to traffic coming out from Jalan Wawasan 4/12 (where Sri Penanga, D'Palma and Seraka aparments located) who turn left into Persiaran Wawasan. Similarly vehicles coming from Persiaran Wawasan who want to turn right into Jalan Wawasan 4/12 will have to lookout for speeding vehicles coming from this new link.

Before (without road hump and thermoplastic markings):

The RA and JKP 16 have been working closely for the past few weeks seeking MPSJ's assistance to construct a road hump and mark thermoplastic yellow lines on the strecth leading to road hump. The road hump and thermoplastic yellow lines would act as an effective speed deterrent.

Today 6 Nov 2008, the road hump is constructed, finally painted with yellow stripes and thermoplastic yellow lines also marked on the strecth before hump. JKP members were at the site today and observed that drivers slowed down while approaching and going over the hump, thus improving road safety.

After (road hump with yellow stripe):

After (with thermoplastic yellow marking):

Thank you to MPSJ for their kind assistance in constructing the road hump and thermoplastic yellow marking.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jalan Rosak dan Berlubang di Bandar Puteri 7

Ahli JKP 16 telah menarik perhatian MPSJ dua minggu yang lalu supaya menampal jalan rosak dan berlubang di Bandar Puteri 7.

Terima kasih kepada ahli JKP dan pihak MPSJ terutamanya Encik Ariffuddin yang berusaha keras memastikan masalah diselesaikan. Akhirnya, jalan yang berlubang disahkan ditampal pada hari Jumaat 31 October 2008.

Dilampirkan di sini foto tempat jalan rosak dan berlubang sebelum dan selepas penyelesaian.

Jalan rosak dan berlubang di Jalan Puteri 7 berdekatan dengan Sri Camelia Apartment telah ditampalkan.

Jalan rosak dan berlubang di Jalan Puteri 7/1 bersebelahan di antara Columbia Asia Hospital dan kawasan lapang telah ditampalkan.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Revitalised Taman Wawasan Lake : Part 2

This MPSJ gentleman would like to remind visitors to Taman Wawasan, "Do not litter, please". He has had a tough time cleaning the taman.

The pictures above are taken on 1 Nov 2008 in the morning. Taman Wawasan is much cleaner now. MPSJ had been cleaning up the taman including the lake for 1 week. A job well done by MPSJ - terima kasih.

Also thanks to Pusat Bandar Puchong RA for alerting JKP Zone 16 to the lake's dirty condition.

Penutup longkang : Lot kedai dekat TESCO

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, JKP Zon 16 meminta bantuan MPSJ untuk memperbaiki/menukar penutup longkang yang pecah dan rosak di kawasan lot kedai dekat TESCO.

Banyak penutup longkang yang pecah ditukarkan dengan yang baru.

Wlaubagaimanapun, ada lagi struktur konkrit penutup longkang baru yang tidak kukuh dan ukuran lilit penutup longkang baru cukup-cukup untuk menutupi longkang. Oleh demikian, JKP Zon 16 masih lagi mengikuti kes ini dengan MPSJ.