Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shah Alam and Subang saw many interesting personalities in the news

Thursday December 27, 2012

Shah Alam and Subang saw many interesting personalities in the news


Joe Mahinder SinghJoe Mahinder Singh
Joe Mahinder Singh, SS17 community policing committee member
AFTER a relative had her gold necklace snatched twice within six months, Joe Mahinder Singh formed a crime watch group back in 1998 with the advice of the Subang Jaya police.
“Crime rate was escalating and a lot of students were also getting robbed. We started the team with about six people and there were also about 10 others, mainly senior citizens and retirees, who would keep a lookout for us. Whenever someone saw something suspicious, they would call us and we would go there on our bikes. We would then assess the situation before calling the police,” said the 55-year-old businessman.
Joe, who is also the SS14 residents association pro tem chairman, was involved with a police volunteer group in the mid-70s and that was where he obtained the experience and knowledge about volunteer policing.
Almost 15 years since starting the crime watch group, he is now the committee member of the SS17 community policing team and has been appointed to act as liaison officer between the people and the police.
He is still actively involved in community policing and has received several recognition awards from the police for his contribution.
“We are grateful to Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, our former Selangor CPO, who saw the potential of our scheme and gave his support for community policing,” said Joe.
Alice Choo, Bandar Puteri 11 Residents Association chairman
In an effort to revive a dormant residents association (RA) in her neighbourhood, Alice Choo walked from door-to-door for two months to convince people in the 300 households of Bandar Puteri 11 to become members.
“We wanted to set up a security scheme and in order to do that, we needed residents to become members of the RA. I eventually was elected as chairman during an AGM three years ago,” said the 53-year-old retiree.
Since then, Choo has been vocal in raising issues affecting not only her neighbourhood but also Bandar Puteri and Puchong as a whole such as security, garbage collection, the development of a townhouse and condominium project in Jalan Puteri 11, and road access issues along the LDP.
Choo is also the Zone 16 Residents’ Committee (JKP) secretary and when two fires broke out in the neighbouring Kampung Tengah within a span of a month, she quickly rounded up support from her contacts to collect funds for the affected families.
“Our aim is to get them settled so that they have a roof over their heads,” Choo had said about her efforts, which also included collecting clothes and food items for the victims.
“I enjoy serving the community and it is something that I would continue to do. It’s fulfilling to see the fruits of your labour, like the zero crime rate in our neighbourhood,” said Choo.
Chang Kim Loong
“Buying a house and buying a suitable house are two different things. The issue is not just being able to buy a property, but being able to maintain that property without causing too much hardship on the owner.”
Chang Kim Loong is a founding member and honorary secretary-general for the National House Buyers Association (HBA).
He sits in several committees on drafting the amendments of the housing developments laws, strata titles and strata management legislation, policies and procedures, and gives public talks to represent HBA views.
Chang is also a member of the Special Task Force on ‘Revival of Abandoned Housing Projects’ and the Pemudah focus group on registration of property that came up with the idea of a “two-day rule” for adjudication and registration of property transaction at the Land Office throughout the country.
Chang returned to serve as councillor with the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) for 2012/2013, after taking a one-term break to concentrate on national issues.
Chang, who was appointed under the NGO/ professional quota, chairs several sub-committees in MPSJ that relates to his expertise.
He was named one of the top three Best Residents’ Committee Leadership at the recent MPSJ 2012 JKP and PeBT Awards.
Chang created the leadership quality award for his community efforts in his zone, which covers Setia Walk, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Taman Wawasan and Bandar Puteri — an area he said is manifested by most political groups.
Kuan Chee Heng
“We cannot leave it up to the police alone as our homes are our responsibility too.”
Kuan Chee Heng is best known for his work with Selangor Community Policing, which he founded to encourage the community to play an active role in fighting crime and keeping their community safe.
Its community policing concept is based on a partnership between the police and the community, whereby the police and the community share responsibilities on identifying, reducing, eliminating and preventing problems that impact community safety and order.
It encourages people to be more aware of what goes on in their neighbourhood and to cooperate with one another.
The group conducts street patrols during festive seasons, organises talks and workshops on safety, first aid, emergency response, and crime awareness, and works closely with the police on issues related to crime, safety and security.
Kuan is such a familiar face in Puchong and the surrounding neighbourhoods that he is often the go-to person between the police and community, such as when assistance is needed to look for missing persons.
Kuan also worked with a private company for the SOS Community Assistance Programme initiative that provides emergency services to victims of crime and emergency cases, particularly in after-crime management.
Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan, Shah Alam mayor
It has been a tough year for Shah Alam mayor Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan but the hard-working leader has managed to keep his cool despite being greeted by a series of issues this year.
“We cannot run away from such issues as cleaning public areas, disposing rubbish and cutting grass.
“This is what we do and we have to do it well for the residents here and stakeholders who consist of taxpayers,” said Mohd Jaafar when referring to the ‘glamorous’ part of his job at the Shah Alam City Council.
The 58-year-old, who was formerly attached with the Peninsular Malaysia Town and Country Planning Department as its physical planning unit director, is seen as a ‘strict guy’ in the office and is an environmentalist at heart.
He made sure there was always someone in the office to pick-up phone calls during office hours, hence those leaving for lunch or tea had to stagger their time.
The use of paper was also discouraged during meetings, which in turn saw most of the heads of department carrying an iPad each.
On weekends, the Malacca-born Mohd Jaafar can be spotted participating in the council’s River and Trees for Life programme where they work with various non-governmental organisations to plant fruit trees in hopes to beautify the city further.
Fruit trees were chosen as he felt the fruits could be shared by all in the future.

House-buyers beware of DIBS

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pondok Bit Polis Di Bandar Puteri 12

The police beat base at Bandar Puteri 12 was officially launched on 10th Dec 2016. Residents, members of the police force and JKP 16 committee were on site to witness the opening ceremony.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New gazebo at Tmn Tasik Wawasan

The construction of a new gazebo at Taman Tasik Wawasan was finally completed on the 9th Dec 2012. Residents and JKP 16 members held a small party to grace the occasion.

Sunday, October 28, 2012



Amazed to see an amazing amount of people of 3 multi ethnic gathered together at Tadika Melody as early as 8am just to celebrate our National Day, singing our Motherland anthem.  This proved the actual meaning of “Patriotism” of our nation in all races at all ages.

Everyone standing tall with head held up high when the flag was raised to the air.  What a phenomenal spirit and pride of the people?

Mdm. Julie Quah, the Event Organiser welcome YB Gobind Singh, YB Teresa Kok, Cr. Chang Kim Loong who is also the Chairman of JKP Zone 16 Puchong and 5 of his Committee Members namely Mr. CC Chik, Ms. Alice Choo, Mr. Ben Mok, Mr. Jordan Kum and Mr. Peter Ng, all parents and residents of Wawasan 2.

Before the commencement of the event, YB Gobind was extremely pleased to witness the loving soul of all attended to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

So touchingly, our YB Gobind commemorated our late Tunku Abdul Rahman who played an important role for our independence.  Nostalgic!

In addition, he mentioned that during these 3 years have not been easy nor difficult for the State Government administering their roles, hence it has been a learning stage.

He also said that State Government will try to undertake a comprehensive study of the administration and will try to make a more significant overall improvement.

He commented that the true responsibility lies on each of us on “Country Ideology” and who believe in saving the future of our country by making the right choice. 

He too reminded us the importance on “Working towards a better Educational system.

Ideally, this community function should be carried out more often for the people to meet and deliver the ideal conceptional idea to them and they will do all possible to help.

It pleased us all to hear YB Teresa Kok gesturing her heart-warming appreciation to Mdm. Julie Quah, the Director of Tadika Melody to have her invited.

She abandoned her presence at Dataran Merdeka by attending this function to her constituency to see the children who will be the Future.

All Selangor flags hung around the compound were done by the children and this creativity of the children impressed her immensely and delightfully.
She believed it was a natural touch of love and sense of belonging for these children to value moral and patriotism.

YB Teresa also highlighted that the State Government has formulated a Social Welfare programme that distribute  $50 to poor families and single parents on monthly basis so that they can send their kids to school.

This act of spontaneity of the State Government should not go unnoticed and rewarding them with some token of appreciation simply because it pays to do good to the nation at large.

One can get more information from the Selangor State Government website.

She also elaborated briefly that we the rakyat hold the choice of freedom in magnanimity, humanity and should be of  no prior restraint.

YB Teresa sincerely hopes that our people will come forth and approach them to voice out their views or complaints, eventhough  no result can be achieved but  at least they will still listen and try to help.

She hopes that everyone can work together for the betterment of the community.

Lastly children of young age presented the song “SAYA ANAK MALAYSIA” and the crowd sing-along joyously, followed by dance performances too.

Event ended with giveaway hampers to single mothers and the unfortunate by YB Teresa!  Isn’t she another Mother Teresa!

By Alice Choo
Chairman RA BP 11
Cum Secretary JKP Zone 16 Puchong

Saturday, October 27, 2012

STRATA TITLES: Look at draft bill again

Read more: STRATA TITLES: Look at draft bill again - Letters to the Editor - New Straits Times

THE National Land Council recently announced it would go ahead and prepare a Strata Management Bill to be tabled at the next session of Parliament. This bill will supersede the existing Buildings and Common Properties Act (Act 663) and come together with amendments to the Strata Title Act.

A lot of thought and effort seems to have been put into this bill. Kudos to those involved. Nevertheless, good intentions may produce undesirable results and we must be aware of such pitfalls in this new bill.
But first, what is the fuss over strata titles?

Strata living or living in vertical multi-level structures like apartments, flats and condominiums, and to a lesser degree, horizontal stratas such as gated landed communities, is the fastest growing real estate development in Malaysia. Since the introduction of the Strata Titles Act in 1985, an estimated 25 to 30 per cent of residential holdings are in strata form.

However, with the rapid growth of strata development comes a crisis in strata administration rights.

A report by the Housing and Local Government Ministry says that 500,000 dwellings have yet to obtain strata titles and this number is increasing with new applications for strata development.

Among the proposals to be tabled is one which makes it compulsory for real estate developers to procure a strata title upon issuance of vacant possession.

This is to ensure that when you buy a newly-constructed apartment, the developer has a duty to deliver an apartment with its strata title issued or the developer risks penalties, including jail time.

The onus on making developers responsible rests on the assumption that it's in their interest to ensure that all administrative documentation and processes to procure a strata title be given equal priority should the developer wish to sell the unit.

However, the assumption ignores the fact that issuance of strata titles is the responsibility of each director of the state Land and Mines Department. If the amendments are passed in this form, technically, it shifts the burden of procuring strata tiles to the developer.

The logic, which seems to be missed by those drafting the bill, is that should the developer be unable to deliver the property because of strata title issuance, then the buyer also suffers because:

THE buyer has already entered into a sale and purchase agreement and would have incurred cost; and,

MOST buyers need loans. Regardless of the fact that the developers may be subject to liquidated ascertainable damages for late delivery, the burden still falls on the buyer should the developer become insolvent and, directly or indirectly, these amendments may promote project abandonment.

The other implication is more speculative: the practice of developers chasing for strata titles may promote a culture of corruption in the civil service or create an avenue for rent-seeking services.

So, should the amendments be shelved? The answer is no, the focus on delivering title right to buyers should remain as priority, it's just that the methodology or approach should be tweaked.

For those familiar with the draft Strata Management Bill, it is known that there will be provisions that developers are required to notify and submit plans to the commissioner of buildings at their local authorities prior to initiating any sale of strata units.

Herein lies the best way to put the onus on real estate developers to procure a strata title before any sale of strata units is made.

Since the proposed act recognises that there be a point where a developer should identify its intention for stratified development, the proposed bill together with proposed amendments to the Strata Title Act, may then create an approval in principle for "stratified titled development", wherein the relevant authorities provide approval services for administrative issuance of a strata title prior to the built strata plan, which may then be submitted at a fixed minimum time, for example, six months before vacant possession.

In effect, a developer must ensure that all administrative issues, especially those connected to the National Land Code, are cleared, prior to embarking on any development towards the sale of strata parcels.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Note: This article is contributed by Alice. Thanks!!!

This is the first ever Mesra Rakyat in conjunction with Family Day Event held at Wawasan Lake Park organized by Jawatankuasa Penduduk (JKP) Zone 16 since the takeover of Cr. Chang Kim Loong Amn.

This event cannot be merrier or successful without the platinum sponsorship from the followings;

1.      YB Gobind Singh – MP of Puchong
2.      YB Teresa Kok – ADUN of Kinrara/MP of Seputeh
3.      YB Dato’ Satim – ADUN Sri Serdang
4.      IOI Properties group
5.      SP Setia Properties group

We thanked them for their great support with the generosity!

Of course not forgetting to thank those participants who contributed for the tent and have their products displayed for promotion.  This definitely has helped us in drawing in more crowds too.

Nonetheless, the ambiance of the day is incredibly pleasant seeing a huge number of active children participating in the sand art, learning the skill for handicraft work with recycle materials whereas the younger ones were giggling away with our Uncle Bunny.

It is so delightful to see the togetherness of the people working towards one simple goal i.e. Community Bonding!  There were 20 volunteers from different Taman helping out the set up for this event from 6.30am until the ending at 1pm.  Thank you is the only word we could expressed our gratitude.

Simultaneously, the Open Dialogue session (Mesra Rakyat) was carried out.

Our Cr. Chang Kim Loong AMN conveyed his heartfelt thanks to his JKP members namely Mr. CC Chik (Vice Chairman/Chairman of RA BP9), Ms. Alice Choo (Secretary/Chairman of RA BP 11), KC Ng (Treasurer/Waw 3), SO Mok (AJK/ BP 10 Melia), Jordan Kum (AJK/BP 10 Melia), Jacky The (AJK/Secretary of RA BP 7), Peter Ng (AJK/BP 10 Banyan), Yeak (AJK/Hartamas), Mohd. Ali (AJK), FT Yan (AJK) and his PA Pn. Sharifah, they have been actively involved in the organizing of this event and making it a success.

Also he thanked his fellow colleagues Yg. Berusaha Cr. Ng Sze Han the Chairman of JKP Taman Serdang Raya@ Serdang Perdana and Yang Berusaha Cr. Michael Tamil (JKP Pusat Bandar Puchong/Bandar Puteri) for their presence.

Cr. Chang Kim Loong served as Town Councilor in the capacity of Hon.Sec-General of an NGO namely HBA (National House Buyers Association).

Cr. Chang expressed his concern that JKP acts as the “eyes and ears” of the Rakyat resides within and assist them and their well-beings or welfare within our capabilities and limitations.

He also emphasized the key tools to fight ignorance and prejudices solely based on the importance of “Honesty”, “Passionate” and “Heartfelt Sincerity” in serving the communities.
He further elaborated that to instill a real good leadership is very much based on good principles and values (in both family and society) and our JKP role to cultivate honest and caring community to become civil and responsible citizens.

Subsequently our YB Gobind Singh viewed this event a positive channel in seeking public feedback and a holistic way of fostering ties between fellow residents with all parties concerned.

He also congratulated JKP Team efforts in coordinating this event and was very glad in seeing a huge and supportive residents from all Tamans attended wanting equally to make this event a success.

He truly encouraged to have such event to be carried out to embetter the bonding with the community and wishing all the very best in all undertakings.

Unfortunately our YB Dato’ Satim (ADUN Sri Serdang) cannot make it for this day as he has other bigger commitment to attend to.  This does not mean Dato is unsupportive.

He however has allocated Rm 2K in sponsoring our event hoping all can be benefited from it and Mr. Kuan Chee Heng was assigned to represent him to officiate the opening of this event.

Mr. Kuan brought up the awareness and importance of creating an interim Programme on the security aspect.

He stressed various fatal incidences that were caused by lack of safety and negligence.  He suggested people to join MyDistress Programme, which you can download from

Victim is just required to press “ALERT” Button on the phone and this will alert PDRM and time of responding is literally immediately and the police detect the crime location easily and quickly with the aid of GPS.

YB Teresa was actively involved in the open dialogue between the community and MPSJ.  She too agreed that this Mesra Rakyat was in fact a very healthy way to attend to problems and have them solved efficiently and effectively.

She complimented that it has been genius to have two events celebrated as one which has given the 1 great opportunity for the parents to raise their requests or discontentment directly to MPSJ and to attain their commitment at the same time whilst their children were well taken care of with the present of Clown, Barney, Sandust Artwork and were monitored by JKP’s members and volunteers.

JKP Zone 16 would like to convey a big Thank you to En. Ariffuddin (Tim.Pengarah Kejuruteraan) for making himself available for the dialogue session with our community, hence he has brilliantly attended to all queries on that very day.

Event ended with lucky draw of 20 hampers sponsored by RAs : BP 6, BP 7, BP 8, BP 9, BP 10 Banyan, BP 10 Melia, BP 11, and BP 12, whereas the cash price totaling $1000 was sponsored by JKP Zone 16.

Worth the hard work by seeing this event sailed through with lots of joy, satisfaction and compliments from the Community.

Voice of

Alice Choo
Chairman of RA BP 11
Secretary of JKP Zone 16 Puchong
28 Aug 2012


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Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disable
MPSJ : Landscape, Engineering, Enforcement

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

JKP 16 Chairman and Team on Action on Wawasan Park – 4 August, 2012

JKP 16 Chairman and Team on Action on Wawasan Park – 4 August, 2012

Unfortunate to say that Cr. Chang Kim Loong AMN, also the Chairman of JKP Zone 16 Puchong was not informed by Prasarana before planting the trees at Wawasan Park and was very disappointed with their actions.

However he succeeded to stop Prasarana’s contractor from planting 1200 trees and has now reduced to half the amount.

This morning Cr. Chang and his team were patching up all the holes dug by Prasarana’s Contractor to make the Park look neat and tidier.


Alice Choo
Secretary of JKP 16
Cum Chairman of Bandar Puteri 11