Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lebuh Puteri Update 1 : Bush cutting and thickening of speed breakers

A few weeks ago we reported about an accident at Lebuh Puteri. The councilor visited the site and a few measures were suggested to mitigate the problem.

As a follow-up to our last update, councilor and a fellow JKP member visited the site again on 11 Jan 2009. We are glad that the developer had finished tree and bush cutting (10 Jan 2009) and thickening of speed breakers (11 Jan 2009) at that junction. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for traffic consultants from IOI to submit report to MPSJ and councilor regarding traffic lights installation. We wish to remind motorists to drive carefully and slow down while approaching the junction.

Trees and bushes before cutting.

Trees and bushes after cutting.

Speed breakers have been thickened.