Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why road hump is not installed at downhill stretch of Jalan Serindit-Persiaran Wawasan link?

JKP 16 were aware of the steep downhill gradient stretch towards Jalan Serindit 1. Additionally, vehicles negotiating the sharp corner turning into Jalan Serindit 1 have to be extra careful because of oncoming traffic.

Because it was dangerous while driving steep downhill gradient towards Jalan Serindit 1, JKP 16 had proposed to MPSJ by installing a speed breaker i.e. road hump. The intention was to encourage vehicles to slow down before negotiating the sharp corner.

MPSJ dispatched its engineering department staff to the site for feasibility study. After much study, the MPSJ engineers reported that it would be more dangerous installing a road hump. This is because on a steep downhill gradient, cars may overturn if they brake suddenly at the road hump. And the overturn cars may end up across the metal railing onto the drain!

JKP 16 agree with the MPSJ engineers' findings about the drawback of installing a road hump at the downhill stretch. As an alternative, MPSJ has painted more thermoplastic yellow lines at the sharp cornering.

Before (13 August 2008): Pictures below.

After - MPSJ has drawn addtional thermoplastic yellow lines towards the sharp corner (18 Nov 2008). Pictures below.

JKP 16 would like to remind drivers to drive slowly and carefully at all times since the thermoplastic yellow lines are painted at the downhill strecth.