Sunday, July 8, 2012

Resolved: Soil Erosion at Taman Tasik Wawasan

On 31st May 2012, MPSJ repaired the cement walkway which was damaged by soil erosion. No. Ruj: 0291/02/2012 was lodged by JKP 16 member. Thank you to MPSJ on their prompt action.




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A scent of the cold breezy morning and birds were chirping happily around.

On the meadow seeing folks and children in full spirit with hats and gloves, cleaning mechanism – brooms, spades etc., fleets of garbage trucks with number of MPSJ workers turning up sharp at 9am.  What a joy to see with this rectitude of the community to make their Taman cleanliness fundamental.

Chopping trees, grass cutting and clearing up trashes in every corner of the park with folks and children relayed the tasks.  It was such a beautiful sight and rejoiced experiencing the sheer goodness of team spirit and indisputable emblem of UNITY.

Cr. Chang Kim Loong Amn and his team of four (4), Jacky The , Mok Weng Onn, Jordan Kum and Alice Choo participated in this event and endeavored “Towards Community Bonding” notion as benchmark.

Jacky is also the Hon. Secretary of RA Puteri 11.  He is a man with heart of gold who really cares and concern for the community has been frequently organizing this event in his Taman to bond the ties of his residents.
Gotong Royong ends at 12pm and we felt so rejuvenated after all!


Alice Choo
Member of JKP Zone 16


It’s an awesome beautiful Saturday to have this eventful charity carnival carried out at Wawasan Park today.  What a blessing!

New Life Restoration Centre has been organizing this event in an extreme short period of time and I must said it has been a SUCCESS with plentiful turn-out young and old, men and women.

A wonderful speech made by YB Teresa on her trip to Myanmar and how substantially impressed she was with the honesty of the Burmese populace.  No matter how poor they can be, no one ever steal any of the gems arrayed around the shrine of the temple or dish a shilling that was donated to the temple.

Furthermore  she was astounded with the fact that most of the current politicians were not only convicts who have been imprisoned for more than a decade, aged but are all motivated by well-beings & Community motivations. 

Nonetheless being imprisoned for such a long time, they are still remained intact with political movements and articulate with the directions in improving the efficacy and relevance of public choice by demanding and setting up of institutions and their strict adherence to embark a better future of Myanmar.

Thus one key conclusion of public choice is that changing the attitude and the mentality of the people to embrace “Caring Society” concept will help produce major changes in our daily living.

She cannot agree more that Puchongites can make Puchong a better and safer place to live.

CR. Chang Kim Loong also the Chairman of JKP Zone 16 Puchong, is one good example in “Towards Communities Bonding”.  His eagerness in reaching out to the communities on such simple slogan can help enrich the quality of life we yearned for. 

Alas! People of Bandar Puteri and Wawasan, let’s foster “TOWARDS COMMUNITIES BONDING” and also “CARING SOCIETY” attitude and belief to make our place a better home and UNIQUE!

Member of JKP zone 16 Puchong
7 July, 2012