Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Height Barrier at Jalan Serindit Repaired

This height barrier at the Jalan Serindit section was reinforced with steel bar at each column.

Welded with 2 steel bars supporting the main column. Also, column foundation is reinforced with concrete.

It looks much tougher now.

Can you the signage? - Had berat kenderaan melalui jalan ini 4 Ton.

Hello lorry drivers? Can you see the signage indicating "Had Tinggi 2.4 metres"?

JKP Zon 16 is pleased to inform that with the help of our councillor Tan Jo Hann and MPSJ, the damaged height barrier at Jalan Serindit has been repaired and erected wth reinforced steel bar.

This was because a few days before Chinese New Year, another recalcitrant lorry driver attempted to drive through the barrier but instead hit the barrier. This had resulted in the barrier tilted and almost fell to the ground. Did the lorry driver take any cognizance of his selfish and "marverick" act that by damaging and felling the barrier, it would have put other motorists' lives in danger? One of our JKP Zon 16 members who happened to pass by that link on that day of the incident quickly alerted MPSJ and our councillor.

Also all the rubbish has been cleared from the road shoulder at the middle of the link road. We urge the people not to throw rubbish at the link road again, as it is clean now. Anyone who spot people throwing rubbish, please do you part as a responsible community by taking a photo and sending to MPSJ.