Thursday, January 15, 2009

Height Barrier At Link Road : Repaired and Strengthened

Strengthened - Existing main pillar welded with 2 pillars.

Had Tinggi is 2.4 metres.

A close up picture of the welded part.

Another close up picture.

Following our JKP vice chairman's turun padang with MPSJ officer, we were informed that the height barrier became tilted after being knocked by lorries. Apparently the lorries wanted to go to an empty strip of land (located inside the link road) to illegally dump rubbish. Some lorries tried their luck by driving through the iron height barrier whereas some brazenly moved the concrete barrier slabs further away from road shoulder. All these were done with one selfish purpose : to illegally dump rubbish. Have they got any conscience that by doing so the height barrier had become tilted and could fall on innocent people/cars! This is the second time the height barrier became tilted. The first time happened around October 2008 and was duly repaired.
On the 10th January 2009, the height barrier was repaired and strengthened by MPSJ's contractors. 4 additional pillars were welded onto existing structure i.e. 2 at a side, to strengthen the height barrier's foundation. Let's hope that from now onwards the barrier can withstand knock from lorries.

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