Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Revitalised Taman Wawasan Lake

Ask any visitor to Taman Wawasan lake in Pusat Bandar Puchong, and we will get frowning expressions lamenting its sorry state plagued by rubbish, muddy and smelly water. See above pictures.

The JKP 16 members and councillor have been diligently following-up with MPSJ to clean the lake clear of rubbish, vegetation and silt.

As at 25 October 2008, JKP members were notified by MPSJ that they've taken immediate action to clean the lake. A few workers have worked hard cleaning the lake over the past few days and will continue next week.

The lake will be revitalised. MPSJ is doing their part in this cleaning-up job. Similarly, visitors and residents must reciprocate by taking care of the lake. JKP 16 urge visitors and residents to refrain from dirtying the lake by throwing rubbish, bottles, plastics, garden refuse, etc.

Pictures below show the amount of rubbish collected from lake:

And a much cleaner lake below:

Kudos to MPSJ, JKP 16 members and councillor for their effort in making this lake cleaner.