Friday, January 30, 2009


I would like to reflect upon a little incident. Yesterday I received an email from a resident of an apartment building in Bandar Puteri. (I shall not mention the name and place). In a gist the issue is about some contention over issues between the former and present management bodys to the point of involving the courts, MPSJ, Police, etc, and now as the councilor of that area, I am also pulled in.

Anyway the email contained a long 10 page document from 1 of these contenting parties, and of course telling one side of the story! What i found distasteful was the fact that it contained lots of insulting remarks to one department of the MPSJ even to the extent of using words like bullshit, stupid, etc....almost sounding like a kid's shouting match!

I find this unnecessary because I believe that one can be critical and even angry, but do so in a professional manner. Reprimand in a dignified way not hurling insults and derogatory terms...after all if you are seeking the help of the council this will not get you far, because such behaviours will turn people away rather that the support and assistance you need!

So dear residents out there, please be professional in your dealings, you can criticise, reprimand, correct the wrong, advise, appeal, and even protest, this is your one can stop you. BUT I appeal to you do it in a diplomatic and professional way...even when you are angry!

Councilor Tan Jo Hann, Zone 16, MPSJ

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Residents Want Retention Pond Converted Into Football Field Cum Recreational Centre

In the Dec 2008 newsletter of Bandar Puteri Banyan 10, their residents would like the local authorities to convert a nearby retention pond into a football field cum recreational centre. It is believed that the retention pond may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Pictures of the retention pond in the following:

Banyan 10 houses (with red rooftop) are located behind this retention pond. The houses further behind on the hilltop are Puteri 12.

A close up picture of the retention pond.

The pond may become dry during prolonged hot season but becomes marshy land whenever there is rain

The houses at the back are Bandar Puteri Banyan 10

The retention pond is actually located between Banyan 10 (leftside) and Melia 10 (rightside but hidden from camera's focus)

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Updated 25th Jan 2009: On 17th Jan 2009, Councilor Jo Hann went on site together with MPSJ YDP Datuk Adnan and YB Teresa Kok ADUN for Kinrara to inspect the location. Pictures below - courtesy of The Star reporter.

YB Teresa (left) and Councilor Jo Hann (right)

Residents converged at the Banyan 10 retention pond

Road Patching at Persiaran Wawasan-Jalan Wawasan 3/7 junction (opposite MPSJ cabin)

This strecth where Persiaran Wawasan and Jalan Wawasan 3/7 meets (opposite MPSJ cabin) was patched up by SP Setia

A patching job well done

Let's hope it will be safer for motorists to drive on this stretch of road

As a follow up to our JKP Zone 16 vice-president's turun padang, we were alerted by Mr. Simon Chin on 20th Jan 2009 that the damaged road at Persiaran Wawasan-Jalan Wawasan 3/7 junction (opposite MPSJ cabin) was patched up by SP Setia.

Now it would be safer to drive along this stretch as previously many vehicles suddenly swerved to left lane to avoid driving over the damaged road.

JKP Zone 16 would like to thank Mr. Simon Chin for his unwavering effort to coordinate with MPSJ and SP Setia to get the problem resolved.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Height Barrier At Link Road : Soil Mound Constructed at Road Shoulder

A mound constructed of soil placed next to height barrier

This mound will deter lorries from entering the link road to throw rubbish

A close up picture of the mound

On Jan 15 2009, we highlighted that the height barrier got repaired and strengthened. It had been knocked by lorries who went into the link road to illegally throw rubbish. The few concrete slabs placed by MPSJ on the road shoulder (adjacent to the height barrier) were also moved to the side by those recalcitrant lorries.

Working closely with MPSJ, JKP Zone 16 have asked MPSJ to place a mound constructed of soil at the road shoulder. On Jan 20 2009, the mound was placed at the road shoulder in order to prevent lorries from entering the link road. It is our fervent hope that the repaired height barrier and mound will deter lorries from entering the link road to illegally dump rubbish.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Height Barrier At Link Road : Repaired and Strengthened

Strengthened - Existing main pillar welded with 2 pillars.

Had Tinggi is 2.4 metres.

A close up picture of the welded part.

Another close up picture.

Following our JKP vice chairman's turun padang with MPSJ officer, we were informed that the height barrier became tilted after being knocked by lorries. Apparently the lorries wanted to go to an empty strip of land (located inside the link road) to illegally dump rubbish. Some lorries tried their luck by driving through the iron height barrier whereas some brazenly moved the concrete barrier slabs further away from road shoulder. All these were done with one selfish purpose : to illegally dump rubbish. Have they got any conscience that by doing so the height barrier had become tilted and could fall on innocent people/cars! This is the second time the height barrier became tilted. The first time happened around October 2008 and was duly repaired.
On the 10th January 2009, the height barrier was repaired and strengthened by MPSJ's contractors. 4 additional pillars were welded onto existing structure i.e. 2 at a side, to strengthen the height barrier's foundation. Let's hope that from now onwards the barrier can withstand knock from lorries.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lebuh Puteri Update 1 : Bush cutting and thickening of speed breakers

A few weeks ago we reported about an accident at Lebuh Puteri. The councilor visited the site and a few measures were suggested to mitigate the problem.

As a follow-up to our last update, councilor and a fellow JKP member visited the site again on 11 Jan 2009. We are glad that the developer had finished tree and bush cutting (10 Jan 2009) and thickening of speed breakers (11 Jan 2009) at that junction. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for traffic consultants from IOI to submit report to MPSJ and councilor regarding traffic lights installation. We wish to remind motorists to drive carefully and slow down while approaching the junction.

Trees and bushes before cutting.

Trees and bushes after cutting.

Speed breakers have been thickened.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lubang Jalan Di Jalan Bandar 2 Telah Diturap

Susulan daripada aktiviti turun padang bersama JKP Zon 16 dan MPSJ minggu lalu, lubang di Jalan Bandar 2, Pusat Bandar Puchong telah diturap minggu ini. JKP Zon 16 mengucapkan terima kasih kepada MPSJ.