Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Height Barrier Installed Back

This is a follow-up report regarding the fallen height barrier which occured on 2nd May 2009. A few weeks after that, MPSJ re-installed the height barrier but again was hit by lorries! On 23 June 2009, a JKP 16 member informed us that the height barrier at Persiaran Wawasan-Jalan Serindit link road was finally installed back.

Support beams were welded onto each pillar. The cement base was reinforced.

Additionally, amber blinking light pole was installed to alert motorists in advance while approaching the height barrier.

Heavy vehicles are prohibited from using the link road for safety reasons. The link road was designed for inter-taman link and only meant for motorbikes, passenger cars and light vehicles.

Thanks to MPSJ and JKP 16 for working closely to get the height barrier reinstalled.