Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saujana Puchong cemetery plan revoked

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by Leven Woon on 23 Jul, 2010

Residents of Saujana Puchong were relieved to hear that a contentious plan to build a cemetery on an Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve plot was shelved. Instead the plot was officially gazetted as part of the forest reserve.

The endorsement was signed two days ago by Selangor clerk Mohamad Yasid Bidin declaring the 55 acres of land in front of Jalan SP 10/1A as an “extension” of Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve under section 7 of the National Forestry Act 1984.

At a press conference at the site today, Kinara assemblyperson Teresa Kok pointed out signage that designated the plot as part of the forest reserve, which was built on the site following the decision.

“Gobind and I have promised to help the residents when we ran for election in 2008. The process took us some time but we are glad that we finally gazetted it,” she said.

The previous BN state government had designated the area as a cemetery in 2001, allocating 55 acres of land in Ayer Hitam and later including it into the MPSJ draft plan in 2007.

The residents protested the move. They claimed a cemetery with close proximity to their homes would inconvenience them.

Residents to drop court case
United Puchong Resident Association chairman Chik Chun welcomed the revocation, said it is “good news after much delay”.

“We did not agree with the plan because (this) is a residential area,”

Saujana Puchong Signature Campaign Teamwork (STC) chairman Lee Wai Hong said he will wait until the formal documents are released to drop the court case against the Selangor government.

“We brought them to court in 2004. Maybe we can reach an out-of-court settlement now,” he said.

When asked whether they will continually demand for a road to Equine Park, Lee said it is up to the government.

“The road was promised by Saujana developer Talam. We were cheated by Talam not state government,” Lee said.

“Lesson learnt” in zoning cemetery
Teresa said the intention to build a cemetery at Petaling district was practical, but poor planning and coordination skewered the move.

“The town planning is such that every district must have a cemetery. So when they drafted the Petaling development plan 20 years ago, they should have gazetted it as cemetery land.

“With this, developers and house buyers would be informed and avoided such areas.

“But they only approved the conversion of land in 2002. Residents who had already bought a house (or) lived there would of course not be happy,” said the assemblyperson.

She said the case which caused a six-year protest among residents is a “lesson learnt” for the Selangor Pakatan government.

“We brought up the issue many times in exco meetings. Selangor really needs more cemeteries and we are finding a replacement for (Saujana Puchong), probably somewhere in Sepang.

“We will do proper zoning and notify the people earlier.”

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MPSJ Air Hitam Meeting 25th June 2010

Recently a certain individual has been writing untruthful things about me as the local councilor for Pusat Bandar Puchong and also irresponsibly spreading these lies through his egroup about how I had acted towards him in MPSJ on Friday June 25th 2010 after a meeting regarding the "rayuan pembangunan untuk projek cssb dan pmssb - at the hutan simpan ayer hitam" (the hillslope development by Citrasama and Benua Ehsan on PNSB land.).

His version sounded like this:
He accused me of saying he was not welcomed to the meeting and that he did not represent any association and that I had asked him to “get out' from the room”. He also claimed that at that time he was “attack by some people” that he did not know but they claimed they were from Wawasan 4.

He also claimed that he wrote his name onto the attendance list as asked by a senior MPSJ Officer (But I later checked with this officer and found out that no such thing happened and in fact this said person was not even on the list of invited persons for that particular meeting).

This person also claimed that I had abused him verbally and kicked him out of the meeting room saying he was not welcomed, and that he was not staying in Pusat Bandar Puchong and so forth..

The real version (witnessed by at least 7 people):
We started a little after 3pm and actually concluded at about 4:30pm. This “person” walked in when everyone was standing around drinking tea and chatting with each other. He called to me from behind and I greeted him and even shook his hand.
After a few minutes as I was leaving with some residents (from Wawasan 4, Sri Penanga, Bayan Hills, and some others), we caught him trying to sign his name onto the attendance sheet when in fact he did not even attend the meeting. I then asked him what he was doing because it is standard procedure that if someone has not participated in a meeting that person cannot sign his name on the attendance sheet. I told him he cannot do that, it is improper procedure. (For that matter, he was not even on the list of invitees and did not receive an official invitation letter.)
I then left the room and got into my car. All this happened in a matter of seconds...not even minutes. There were at least 7 eyewitnesses from the residents and MPSJ staff who can attest to what really happened then.
This person was obviously surprised that we caught him trying to commit an illegal act of falsifying his attendance in a meeting he was not invited to and let alone trying to sign the attendance sheet. Thus he has created these stories to cover up for his guilty actions.

This type of unnecessary “drama” is actually distracting us from the truth at hand which is the issue of the hill slope development project on Air Hitam. All these while the issue has been consistently discussed and dealt with by the real resident representatives, MPSJ council, elected representatives YB Gobind, YB Teresa Kok and the respective local councilors according to the proper procedures as instructed by Lembaga Rayuan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. The latest developments have recently been clarified and explained in the mass media. There is no development on top of the hill and the developers are still appealing to the State appeal Board “Lembaga Rayuan” and the process is being investigated. (Refer to news cutting in JKP blog).
This kind of habitual lying will definitely help no one except for those who intentionally want to spread them for whatever reasons which fail my comprehension! I appeal to fair minded and concerned residents not to listen to lies and please do not be made used of by irresponsible people. If you have queries go to the right people at the MPSJ, your elected ADUNs or MPs, your local councilor and the JKP appointed to deal with local issues in your area. There is much to do to improve the development of Pusat Bandar Puchong!

Tan Jo Hann,
MPSJ Councilor Zone 16
July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Resolved: 2 Abandoned Cars Towed Away By MPSJ

On 21st June 2010, a JKP Zone 16 member alerted MPSJ of 2 abandoned cars next to Puteri 7 residential area. Car #1 bearing number plate WGS 4688 (Citroen Xantia) and car #2 WEP 5785 (Fiat Punto Selecta) were parked at Jalan Persiaran 2, Bandar Puteri (beside Acacia Puteri 7) for a few months and never moved from the location.

MPSJ officers came and inspected the cars on 23rd June 2010. Warning notices were pasted onto the the windscreen.

As there wasn't anyone come forward to claim the cars, MPSJ had to tow away these 2 cars on 30th June 2010, which is after one week of the notice.

JKP 16 would like to take this opportunity to thank MPSJ for their prompt action in addressing this problem which is prevalent around Zone 16.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sidang Media Berkenaan Pembagunan di Atas Lot 6468, Permatang Kumbang, Mukim Petaling

Satu sidang media telah diadakan di Bayan Hills Homes hari ini 10 Julai 2010 jam 9.30 pagi. Di antara yang hadir ialah YB Teresa Kok, YB Gobind Singh, jabatan undang-undang MPSJ, ahli Majlis Zon 10 (Dr. Loi) dan Zon 16 (En Tan) bersama JKP, wartawan-wartawan dan wakil-wakil penduduk dari Bayan Hills Homes, Sri Kesidang apartment, Sri Penaga apartment, Wawasan 4, Wawasan 3 dan lain-lain lagi.
Tujuan sidang media ini ialah untuk menjelaskan latar belakang dan kronologi projek bersama status semasa. Antara mesej-mesej penting yang disampaikan ialah :
1) Sehingga kini, tiada sebarang pembangunan berlaku di kawasan demikian.
2) Kerajaan Negeri Selangor telah menolak permohonan kelulusan perancangan pada 8 Julai 2008.
3) Walaubagaimanapun, pemaju bersama dengan PNSB telah memohon kepada Lembaga Rayuan Negeri Selangor (LRNS) pada 3 Disember 2008 untuk membincangkan semula keputusan menolak kelulusan merancang.
4) Tarikh sebutan baru di LRNS ialah pada 28 Julai 2010. Sekiranya perlu, pihak-pihak boleh membuat permohonan lanjut kepada LRNS.
Juga dijelaskan ialah mengikut undang-undang di bawah Akta 172 dan Akta (pindaan) A933, Aktan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa, pihak perayu diberikan peluang mengemukakan rayuan kepada LRNS.
"Lembaga Rayuan bertujuan untuk memberikan peluang kepada orang awam mengemukakan rayuan sekiranya terkilan atau tidak berpuas hati dengan keputusan pihak berkuasa perancang tempatan dan seterusnya, menimbang kes-kes rayuan tersebut, di mana :

Lembaga Rayuan sebagai satu badan berkecuali (independent body) yang dilantik oleh Pihak Berkuasa Negeri bagi menyelesaikan pertikaian di antara perayu dengan pihak berkuasa tempatan khususnya yang terbit dari sesuatu keputusan perancangan yang mana perayu itu sama ada sebagai Pembantah, Pemohon, Pemilik atau Pengguna merasa terkilan.

Lembaga Rayuan sebagai suatu tribunal bertanggungjawab mendengar, mempertimbang dan membuat keputusan kepada kes-kes sebagaimana dinyatakan di bawah Akta 172 dan Akta (pindaan) A933, Aktan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa."
1) Tanah yang dimaksudkan adalah diluar kawasan Hutan Simpanan Ayer Hitam dan berkedudukan di antara Hutan Simpan dan juga pembagunan sediaada.
2) Keadaan asal tapak disekitarnya adalah dalam kelas II sebelum pemaju-pemaju bersebelahan memotong bukit dan merendahkan paras masing-masing dan cerun yang dibina adalah termasuk dalam kawasan pembagunan mereka.
3) Kes ini masih di peringkat LRNS tarikh sebutan 28 Julai 2010.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beri tempoh tujuh hari JKP 16 keluar barang

Berita ini dipetik dari Sinar Harian bertarikh Isnin 5 Julai 2010.

Beri tempoh tujuh hari JKP keluar barang

PUCHONG – Persatuan Penduduk Pusat Bandar Puchong, memberi tempoh tujuh hari kepada Jawatankuasa Penduduk (JKP) Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) Zon 16 untuk mengeluarkan barang-barang mereka daripada kabin terletak berhampiran Taman Tasik Wawasan yang sebelum ini dilancar sebagai bit polis, dekat sini.
Pengerusinya, B Awtar Singh berkata, kabin itu bukan milik pihak Majlis kerana ia dibina oleh pemaju untuk kegunaan penduduk.
“Jadi kami mewakili penduduk akan mengambil alih semula kabin berkenaan untuk dijadikan tempat persinggahan polis, selain kegunaan anggota Ikatan Relawan Rakyat (Rela) dan pejabat persatuan penduduk.
“Di situ ada dua kabin, mengapa mereka ingin ambil semua untuk dijadikan pusat operasi JKP?” katanya.
Beliau berkata, turut kecewa dengan dakwaan pihak berkenaan bahawa sebelum ini, ia dijadikan tempat berehat dan pejabat oleh pengawal keselamatan di kawasan berdekatan.
“Bagi hal ini saya ingin bertanya siapa yang memberi kunci kepada pengawal keselamatan warga asing untuk berehat di situ?
“Disebabkan itu, saya dan penduduk di sini akan mengambil alih semula kabin itu dan membuat laporan polis berhubung perkara tersebut,” katanya.
Terdahulu, Sinar Harian melaporkan JKP MPSJ Zon 16 dekat sini mendakwa, mereka mengambil alih struktur bangunan terletak berdekatan Taman Tasik Wawasan yang dahulunya pernah dilancarkan sebagai bit polis disebabkan sebelum ini tidak dimanfaatkan.
Ahli Majlis MPSJ yang juga Pengerusi JKP Zon itu, Tan Jo Hann berkata, pihaknya mengambil alih dengan kebenaran Majlis apabila mendapati, ia dijadikan tempat berehat dan pejabat oleh pengawal keselamatan di kawasan berdekatan.
Katanya, bit polis itu dibina atas tanah MPSJ oleh pemaju dan pihaknya menafikan kemudahan itu dirampas secara tidak betul.
“Kita ada kebenaran MPSJ menggunakan bit polis itu dan mereka yang mendakwa itu memang tiada hak. Ada segelintir melakukan pencerobohan pula selepas JKP ambil alih.
“Ia diambil alih kerana kita mendapati ia tidak digunakan sebagai bit polis,” katanya.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Traffic Island at Bandar Puteri Giant Area

This is in continuation to our earlier blog postings here and here about conducting traffic study at the Bandar Puteri Giant area. We wish to update readers that 2 mini traffic islands are being constructed in that area. They are meant to prevent cars from illegally turning into Giant as it's supposed to be a no-entry road; it is actually used as an exit route from Giant. Vehicles going into Giant are advised to use the designated entrance farther up to the traffic light.